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 Originally trained as a painter, I developed a love of printmaking early in my artistic life. Over many years I used my film camera as a tool in the same way as my sketch book. I created many monotypes and etchings as well as watercolors, by working from photographs. But after being introduced to digital photography some years ago, the photograph became just as important to my repertoire. I wanted to combine photography and printmaking, and by using the computer and polymer plate technology, I accomplished it.

The medium I use is called polymer plate photogravure, which involves converting a digital image in Photoshop to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), separating each color channel and then printing it onto transparent film. Each transparency is then exposed to a polymer plate in a light exposure unit. The plates are developed in warm water and then hardened back in the light unit so they can be printed. The appropriate color ink is applied to a plate, and then wiped like an etching. The plates are printed in succession, one after another, using an etching press to create the final image.

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